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Early Environmental Contracting, LLC (EEC) is a full service environmental firm uniquely featuring state-of-the-art materials & equipment. This allows us to collect waste waters, along with non-hazardous fluids. We perform a full range of consulting services in Environmental Compliance & Spill Management. EEC has established an outstanding track record in the environmental services industry.

EEC was founded by Allen Early as a family-held firm with the goal of treating customers as family. EEC's business is  built on long-term relationships developed through superior service & trust. Dedicated to innovation & continuous improvement, EEC has made major investments in personnel, equipment & resources to ensure long-term value to our clients. EEC is one of the most resource intensive firms in the region.

Experience is one of EEC's most valuable assets. EEC personnel have extensive education & training in various areas of science, making them highly qualified & informed to make decisions regarding your project. These related work & management skills are valuable when managing environmental & compliance projects.

Our goal is to be the only contractor trusted to manage our clients' needs when disaster strikes.

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Phone: (502) 647-3223

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